About us

Link2Trials.com is the online volunteer platform and part of Link2Trials.

It can be very difficult for researchers to find suitable volunteers, whether it is healthy volunteers or patients they require for the study. This leads to delays in medical research, as well as the development of new medications. The same delays also apply to modern food products, with a health-related claim.

Link2Trials was founded in order to easily match volunteers and research professionals in a unique way. This process occurs independently. Link2Trials serves as a mediator for anyone who wants to participate in medical research or is searching for volunteers. Therefore we can list as many clinical trials as possible on one website, reducing the number of websites required by volunteers and researchers to find the right match.

Based on extensive research of clinical study recruitment, Link2Trials has developed its own unique recruitment methods.

Are you a healthy volunteer or patient, interested in participating in a study? click here for more information.

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